Desirable Premium Travel Experience
Desirable Premium Travel Experience
Specialize in premium outbound travel, from personalized tour to educational tour, from business incentive tour to corporate conference and overseas exhibition, TCI 勝景遊 provides one-stop travel plan, pinpointing the needs of our customers, with accommodating travel solutions. With over 50 years of travel and tourism experience in Hong Kong, currently owned by the renowned worldwide company Fairfax Holdings Limited, TCI 勝景遊strives to provide our customers with strong international network support, resources and services. Our customers can be assured to enjoy the highest quality travel experience at the best value.
Service Commitment
Understand what you want and achieve your expectation.
Event & Conference Management
One-stop service provides customized and flexible event management solutions.
Technological Utilization
Adopt advanced online booking tools and customized corporate solutions.
Group Travel Management
Our attentive service assists groups to attend events worldwide with peace of mind.
Venue Searching
Effective identification of suitable venues through our powerful database.
Professional Team
Our services are attended by our experienced consultants and professionals.
Risk Management
Thoroughly assess risks and provide suitable risk mitigation strategies.
Our Professional Team
With the rich experience of our diverse team, we are delighted to provide professional services that meet our clients’ needs. Our services include pre and post tour advisory services, travel planning, event and conference management and back-end support.
Corporate Event & Incentive
School Tour
Private Tour & Special Interest
Successful Case Study
A Grand Conference in the Sahara
Innovative ideas, elaborated plan and effective execution are the core to a successfully managed conference. Our client, a fund manager of a well-known international bank, was planning to hold a sales symposium and team building activities in Morocco and inspired by a photo of a broad desert. TCI was excited when he shared the idea of choosing the Sahara as venue. It was such a big challenge to arrange a grand conference in the world’s biggest desert due to various considerations such as location and resource requirements, our professional team was able to effectively manage and overcome the challenges. During a year-long preparation period, our team had visited the Sahara three times, considered every detail and made a precise timetable.
Our Responsive Network
TCI always react to the unexpected through our connection. We understand that obtaining a seat on grandstand in a FIFA match is top wishlist for every soccer fans. A plan to visit Russia FIFA World Cup has been delegated to us by a HK celebrity in 2018. The private group of four buddies has changed their plan one week prior to departure due to unexpected situation and asked for a private jet to fly to Moscow. With our enormous and responsive aviation network, our specialist has successfully arranged a flight within tight timeframe.
Cultural Exploration Acclaimed by Scholars
To explore and discover the world, Professors and scholars of various fields aligned and formed a private group to visit and participate in the Mexican event “Day of the Dead”, and TCI was honoured to have been selected as their private group tour planner. We greatly understood our clients’ expectations of not only gaining personal experience of the event but also acquiring academic knowledge throughout the trip, hence we specially arranged a knowledgeable local tour guide who narrated and explained local traditions and cultural difference.
Silent Support Behind the Victory
We have organized tours for two HK elite primary schools to participate in Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in Wales, United Kingdom. Staying aboard and participating in an international competition is no doubt a valuable experience for young children and teenagers, but it is also an event full of challenges. Our professional team had specifically arranged an escort with child caring knowledge and experience who attentively took care of all daily bits and pieces. In return, the teachers and students were able to focus on pre-competition training and rehearsals. With all the great efforts, participants from two schools had claimed the Champion title. It is our pleasure to go through the great efforts and share the joy of victory with our clients.
Customer's Experience
Our professional service be highly praised by all.
A Top Real Estate Developer appreciated our whole team support to their Shanghai shopping mall anniversary ceremony of total guests around 200 medias.
Top Real Estate Developer
International Consultant Group appreciated our support which made their clients enjoy meeting and participate the Taekowndo in Seoul.
International Consultant Group
Parent helpers admire us “attentive, passion and experience in crisis management” and made their primary student in safe trip to Singapore Music Tour.
Famous School
Professional Service Scope
Our Professional Team
Nowadays, large enterprises are visionary and innovative, proactively expand current business and search for new market opportunities globally. Our professional team can assist you in reaching your goal at ease, from our vast venue search database to our attentive services provided by our experienced consultants, our professionalism, trust and reputation are guaranteed.
Corporate Training
Staff learning and development is vital for any organizations. Nowadays, many corporate team building workshops are held internationally. Our professional team is skilled in planning overseas team training for corporate clients. Our consultants will undergo thorough understanding of our clients' corporate cultures and needs, and will integrate these elements into the programmes.
Incentive Travel and Events Celebration
With more than 50 years of experience in planning, organizing and managing incentive travel and celebration events such as corporate annual dinner and award ceremony, along with our wide network of local and international partnerships, our professional team is always strives to create, capture and deliver perfect moments for our clients; perfect moments which clients will treasure, value and share as their special memories.
Life Experience and Exploration
New generations not only put emphasis on the traditional book knowledge but also value exploration of life experiences. Our professional team has extensive experience in planning and organizing a variety of educational tours, including international sports tournaments and large-scale concert performance, for a number of prestigious schools. Effectiveness, enjoyment and engagement are the prime goals in making our services a success.
Family and Friends Reunion
What is more valuable than treasuring the perfect moments with our family and friends? To create the exclusive journey especially designed for you and your loved ones, our professional team will ensure all details are being taken care of and our clients are hassle free during pre-departure and throughout the journey. Our tours can be customized with tour length, departure periods, number of travelers, meals, accommodations and transportation.
Private Group Tour
No matter what purposes to travel abroad, such as pilgrim's journey for religious fellowships, the reunion for friends and relatives, or challenge to World’s sport masters, our tour specialists will tailor-made a unique travel solution and activities according to your budget and needs. Form your own group tour of any number and be accompanied by our experienced escort throughout the journey. We promise a smooth trip.
Once-In-A-Lifetime Memories
Invite your friends and relatives to witness your life-long commitment aboard. Our professional team will take care of every details of your overseas wedding banquet, from document application, venue reservation, music arrangement, witness appointment, guest transportation, accommodation reception, wedding shooting to float rental, everything can be perfectly-prepared.
Self-Challenge Sports Tour
You, who have a deep affection for sports, always desired for bursting out your potential in places around the world. Whether you want to drive a formula car on the track; or dive into the Pacific Ocean for a marine adventure; or climb a cliffhanger or mountain peak and plan to conquer nature, as long as you share your thoughts with our most professional travel consultants, everything can be achieved.
The Thematic Tours with the Integration of Personal Interest
Follow your heart and do what you are interested in the journey. Enjoy every bite of Michelin fantastic food and even show off your cooking talent; Or to search for the hidden beauty around the planet, capturing every magic moment with your professional lens. We, as an event specialist, are here to understand your interest and design a variety of featured itinerary to demonstrate your extraordinary taste during the holiday.